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Liquid Web Launches Storm Private Cloud

Liquid Web Launches Storm Private Cloud

Liquid Web has a new private cloud offering that consists of a bare metal server on its Storm cloud platform that can be easily partitioned and moved between private and public clouds.

Hosting provider Liquid Web has introduced a quick way for an organization to get a private cloud up and running. Storm Private Cloud allows a user to purchase a server and split it into multiple virtual instances, creating a private cloud environment.

"It's a bare metal server on the Storm platform that can be partitioned, and moved between our public and private clouds," said Liquid Web spokesman Cale Sauter. Storm Private Cloud originally launched with select private Beta customers and is now widely available.

The product will appeal to several customer types:

  • Businesses looking for new ways to partition separate hosting environments
  • Cloud resellers
  • Developers looking for efficiency and control
  • Those interested in cloud but desiring the security of a dedicated server

The development was inspired by direct customer feedback. “Answering our customers’ demands by delivering the ability to deploy customized cloud slices within single servers allows us to offer a level of private cloud functionality we’ve been looking forward to introducing for quite some time," said Liquid Web CTO Siena Fath-Azam.

Storm Private Cloud users are able to move instances between public and private cloud as well as the ability to customize each instance’s size, RAM, disk size, number of cores and more.

LiquidWeb has data centers in Lansing, Michigan, Phoenix, Arizona, and is in the process of opening up a European location in response to growth.

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