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Violin Memory Launches New Flash Memory Array
Violin Memory’s 6000 series all-Flash array. (Photo: Violin Memory)

Violin Memory Launches New Flash Memory Array

Violin Memory launches the 3U 6264 flash Memory array, and Symphony Data Management System for managing petabytes of flash storage across arrays.

The Violin Memory series 6000 storage array.

The Violin Memory series 6000 storage array.

Violin Memory has launched the 6264 flash Memory array, a 3U flash memory storage device with a capacity of 64 TB. The 6264 combines Violin's flash controller technology with Toshiba’s latest generation of 19nm flash technology, for twice the density and three times the economics of its predecessor, while significantly reducing power consumption. Violin Memory CEO Don Basile was a keynote speaker at the Flash Memory Summit this week in Santa Clara, California.

“Competitive architectural approaches based on SSDs short change the actual performance capabilities of flash memory,” said Basile. “As semiconductor process geometries shrink, flash memory gets slower and more error-prone. Violin’s unique flash management IP enables us to increase performance and capacity in the same footprint while ensuring the data resiliency required in Tier 1 enterprise storage deployments. Our goal is to deliver memory storage at the cost of legacy disk.”

“SSD-based approaches are challenged to deliver the performance and reliability necessary due to inherent characteristics of smaller process geometry NAND flash," said Jeff Janukowicz, research director for solid state storage and enabling technologies at IDC.  "Solutions, such as Violin’s 19nm-based 6264 memory storage system, that can overcome these technical challenges, are well positioned to capitalize from the economic advantages associated with smaller geometry NAND flash.”

Also announced this week is the Violin Symphony Data Management System. Symphony centralizes and simplifies the management of petabytes of flash storage across hundreds of Violin flash Memory Arrays. Data center operators can measure application performance, monitor storage usage and track service level trends using customizable dashboards on any mobile device. Symphony’s built-in advanced analytics engine offers powerful insights on various health and performance aspects of Violin flash Memory Arrays, and provides proactive, real-time alerts on various storage metrics enabling monitoring and management on the go.

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