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Colt Adds 1.65MW to Netherlands Data Center
Inside a Colt data center in the Netherlands. (Photo: Colt)

Colt Adds 1.65MW to Netherlands Data Center

The company's initial deployment earlier this year was 3.3MW and it is quickly adding an additional 1.65 megawatts of capacity, The new capacity is telling of the company’s growth in the Netherlands.


The inside of Colt's data center in the Netherlands, filled with double-stacked rows of modular data centers. Colt has expanded the facility's capacity by 1.65 megawatts. (Photo: Colt)

Colt is expanding its data center in the Netherlands with an additional 1.65 megawatts of power and 10,764 square feet of space (1000 square meters). The company initially deployed 3.3MW there earlier this year, and the additional capacity is telling of the company’s growth in the Netherlands.

“Over the coming years, we plan to continue to expand the facility, which has an ultimate capacity of 10,000 square meters (107,639 square feet) providing secure and scalable solutions that allow businesses to remain competitive as their data center and IT requirements evolve,” said Adriaan Oosthoek, Executive Vice President of Colt Data Centre Services.

Colt’s facility is strategically located in Roosendaal between major cities of Rotterdam and Antwerp. The facility acts as key hub for the delivery of Colt’s low latency services in both The Netherlands and Belgium. The data center has a design Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.21 and uses fresh air cooling for most of the year. The facility has a 32MVA power connection, meaning the energy supply can scale right along as the data center grows.

The new capacity targets the region’s growing colocation market. CIOs are under pressure to reduce costs, and colocation is a great opportunity to minimize upfront capital expenditures by moving toward an Opex model. Colocation also provides these companies the ability to scale that isn’t found (at least not easily so) with building an enterprise data center.

“Demand for greater cost efficiency continues to drive IT investment decisions for many businesses in the region and this is translating into increased demand for colocation services of all sizes,” said Oosthoek,. “By putting flexibility right at the heart of our data center solutions, we are able to address this demand quickly and cost effectively from our facility which is strategically located in Roosendaal between two of Europe’s major economic and transportation hubs.

For insight into Colt's deployment process, check out this time-lapse video of the initial phase in Roosendaal.

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