Deploying Intelligent Storage Solutions with HP Converged Storage

Deploying Intelligent Storage Solutions with HP Converged Storage

With more users, devices and connection points to the Internet – data is being generated at very rapid speeds. In fact, a recent Digital Archive Market Forecast showed that by 2015, the total worldwide cumulative digital archive capacity is projected to be at 300,000 petabytes. As the reliance on the data center continues to grow and more organizations move towards a cloud computing model – the storage components will still sit at the heart of the infrastructure. There is a growing need for storage solutions which are intelligent and are capable of scale. One effective way to deliver these platforms is through HP’s Converged Infrastructure – specifically, Converged Storage. In this white paper, you will learn about HP’s strategy for delivering Converged Storage that improves the ability of your business to capitalize on information.


[Image source: HP Converged Storage]

In being innovative while delivering standard platforms which provide the foundation for server and storage products, HP is not only able to supply outstanding storage products, but also unique advantages that no other storage vendor can offer. In this white paper, you will learn about these specialized advantages which include:

  • Flexible deployment options including a range of form factors (rack, tower, blade, hybrid) as both physical disk systems and as software-defined storage
  • Easier administration through common management interfaces for remote support and service
  • Simplified hardware maintenance via common component leverage with servers
  • Greater visibility into operational metrics (like power and cooling) with a “sea of sensors” for the data center
  • Converged networking to reduce cable sprawl and lower costs
  • Enhanced performance through standards-based storage hardware innovation

Download HP’s white paper to see how they are extending Converged Storage into new solutions and segments with a new initiative that introduces the next evolution of the HP Converged Storage strategy and vision. Remember, resources are always going to be finite – This is why working with HP’s intelligent Converged Storage infrastructure will help your organization gain more control over your data center and storage requirements.

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