Improve Connectivity with HP Virtual Application Networks

Improve Connectivity with HP Virtual Application Networks

With more devices and more connectivity into new technologies like cloud computing, many organizations are looking for better ways to optimize their networks. The have a solid infrastructure, organizations must remain agile as the reliance on the modern data center increases. In this white paper by ESG and commission by HP, you are able to learn about key trends which closely align with business agility and data delivery. These trends include:

  • Aggressive data center consolidation.
  • Increaseing use of server virtualization technologies.
  • Wide and growing deployment of web-based applications.
  • Consumerization of IT and BYOD.

Because of these growing trends, companies must deploy highly agile network environments capable of scale and meeting both business and end-user demands. In this white paper, ESG goes on to point out that existing legacy networks will not be able to sustain future growth. Therefore a new “cloud-friendly” architecture is required This new architecture will support rapid growth, handle dynamic environments based on business and IT policies, and provide sufficient levels of automation and orchestration for rapid software-based deployment of end-to-end services. More specifically the network must be:

  • A foundation for connectivity and performance.
  • Virtualized and abstracted.
  • Tightly integrated with adjacent domains and orchestration programs.

To meet network demands and continue to deliver powerful cloud solutions, HP introduced its Virtual Application Networks, or VAN. VANs are logical, purpose-built virtual networks that leverage existing Flex Network architecture, and are designed to connect users to applications and services, resulting in a scalable, agile, and secure network that streamlines operations.


[Image source: Enterprise Strategy Group, 2012]

Download this white paper to learn about HP’s VAN methodology. This white paper covers a comprehensive approach to designing compute, network, and storage environments, with an overarching theme related to converged infrastructure. HP’s vision into cloud computing has set the wheels in motion for many organizations to move off of legacy networks. In using HP’s VAN solution, organizations can help alleviate short-term challenges while providing a flexible network for future business and IT initiatives.

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