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10 Essential Domains for Moving to Private Cloud

10 Essential Domains for Moving to Private Cloud

With the expansion of cloud computing and various cloud services – many organizations are now further considering some type of cloud model. In many instances, companies looking to keep their data outside of a provider are looking to move to a private cloud platform. Where this type of environment can certainly bring a lot of benefits; the deployment and planning process have to be conducted very carefully. One of the first concepts to understand is that there isn’t just one magical cloud product. Rather, cloud computing revolved around the functionality of many different data center and infrastructure components.

To move to a cloud model, there has to be a solid understanding of those underlying components and how they all work together. Starting with a look at infrastructure and virtualization through process and governance, Cisco’s video discusses the Cisco Domain Ten —the ten essential domains you need to know to get started with the cloud journey.


[Image source: | Cisco Domain Ten - Simplifying Data Center Transformation]

Based upon the many cloud deployments -- private and public, enterprise, public sector and service provider – Cisco worked to formulate this comprehensive framework to help you transform your data center and guide new initiatives.  In many cases, these new projects may include cloud, virtual desktop, application migration, and data center consolidation.

Click here to view Cisco’s video on The Cisco Domain Ten framework.  The important takeaway here will be the understanding of the ten key framework areas, or domains, that critical to consider, plan for and address as part of your data center and cloud transformational process.

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