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HP Converged Infrastructure For Dummies

Today’s modern IT infrastructure is more demanding than ever. With more devices, more users and IT consumerization, there has become a greater need for agility and efficiency. Many organizations have moved towards better computing practices and strive to increase the amount of users they can support – both now and in the future.

This is where high-density, converged systems can come into play. Converged infrastructures, simply put, a converged infrastructure enables organizations to accelerate time to business value. This is achieved by turning today’s rigid technology silos into adaptive pools of assets that can be shared by many applications and managed as a service. The idea isn’t hard to grasp: unify systems, simplify management, and create efficiency.

They key becomes understanding the underlying infrastructure and the engines that drive this efficiency. Download HP’s Converged Infrastructure For Dummies to gain a greater under understanding of how the converged infrastructure works, where it can directly benefit your organization, and how to identify the right system for you.

P’s Converged Infrastructure

[Image source: HP’s Converged Infrastructure For Dummies]

The Converged Infrastructure For Dummies eBook covers eight chapters of information around the converged environment and helps illustrate points with excellent graphs and info-graphics.

  • Chapter 1, The Era of Convergence
  • Chapter 2, Things to Know about Infrastructure Convergence
  • Chapter 3, How Convergence Affects You
  • Chapter 4, The Inner Workings of a Converged Infrastructure
  • Chapter 5, Finding the Right Converged Infrastructure Solution:
  • Chapter 6, How HP Can Help
  • Chapter 7, Eight Reasons You Should Embrace the Era of Convergence
  • Chapter 8, Five Ways to Converge with Ease

Download The Converged Infrastructure For Dummies eBook to learn how and where a converged infrastructure can fit into your organization. Remember, user density and new types of environment management systems only strive to simplify the IT process. The most important part, however, would be the understanding of how these technologies work together to not only improve IT – but also the entire business organization.

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