Utilizing European Data Center Colocation – Selection Criteria

Many North American organizations are looking for ways to increase their global presence. European data center providers are eager to host American organizations, but finding the right location and partner are crucial. This white paper looks at key considerations in European expansion.

The data center infrastructure has truly become the heart of any organization. With the increase in IT’s role and importance, many North American organizations are looking for ways to increase their presence – both locally and overseas. All across Europe, data center providers have been enticing American organizations into their environments. Why? Because to stay competitive in today’s market, it makes sense to expand and to do it with the right partners.

As data flow continues to increase, US-based data center executives will need to bring their European users closer to their data points. To accomplish this, there needs to be a logical expansion into a European data center environment. Although there are very many similarities between American and European data center infrastructures – there are some core differences as well. In TelecityGroup’s white paper, we are able to see they key decision criteria for selecting the right European data center provider. This means answer questions and having an understanding around the following:

What type of Internet Exchanges are available to the data center?
Does the data center facility also host an IXP (Internet Exchange)?

How well can the data center scale?
Is the data center a customer-focused provider?

What type of energy efficiency does the data center provide?
Does the provider deploy proper amounts of physical security? What about network/hardware-level security?

Another very important aspect to consider is location. This whitepaper outlines the major European data center hot-points and outlines the benefits of each site. For example, Scandinavia enjoys one of the world’s largest internet penetration rates – 92.5% - and Stockholm acts as the epicenter of this! Download TelecityGroup's white paper to gain a true understanding of the important criteria behind selecting the right European data center provider. As your infrastructure continues to expand, there will need to be a good growth plan in place for markets outside of the USA. In this expansion, working with the right European data center provider can make all the difference for an organization.

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