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Minkels, STULZ Unveil New Cooling Systems

Minkels, STULZ Unveil New Cooling Systems

Several cooling vendors have announced new products this week. Minkels has updated its cold corridor for data center aisle containment, and STULZ has introduced the CyberCon product to provide cooling for containers.



An overhead view of Minkels' Next Generation Cold Corridor, a containment system for data center cooling management. (Photo: Minkels)


Several cooling vendors have announced new products this week. Here's an overview:

Minkels Updates Cold Corridor Containment - Data center maker Minkels, part of the listed company Legrand  has launched its Next Generation Cold Corridor, a modular and highly flexible aisle containment solution that separates hot and cold airflows in an energy-efficient manner. Minkels launched the first version of the Cold Corridor in 2006, in a time when attention to energy efficiency was still very much a new trend. Minkels is scheduled to exhibit the Next Generation Cold Corridor to users for the first time at Data Centre World 2013, which is being held in London today and tomorrow. "Virtualisation and cloud computing have given data centre dynamics a considerable boost," says Jeroen Hol, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Minkels. "As an extension of this development, users are expressing a growing need for highly scalable and therefore flexible data centre solutions. They want to be able to conveniently upscale or downscale a data centre whenever necessary. Cost considerations also play a role in this call for flexibility. This highly modular design offers extensive opportunities to implement such a Cold Corridor solution in stages, and therefore more cost effectively, too."  Thanks to its modular structure, the Next Generation Cold Corridor can be flexibly adapted to the specific building environment.

STULZ Introduces CyberCon Cooling for Containers - STULZ introduced the STULZ CyberCon modular, outdoor cooling system, a highly energy-efficient, self-contained, external cooling solution designed for rapid deployment with containerized computer rooms (PODs). “STULZ CyberCon is a true all-in-one cooling solution,” said Joerg Desler, Vice President of Production and Engineering for STULZ. “With STULZ CyberCon, STULZ is providing a precision cooling solution that can be tailored to meet all IT manufacturer and data center needs worldwide.” The modular design of the new STULZ CyberCon permits the ability to scale capacity and quickly align with IT demand and rapidly changing environmental conditions. Since STULZ CyberCon is constructed in advance of installation, it reduces upfront capital costs associated with the construction of a brick-and-mortar data center. To permit ease of shipping, doors, fans, and louvers have been designed so that they do not exceed the external dimensions of the STULZ CyberCon system. David Joy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for STULZ, noted, “Given the rapid growth of modular data centers over the past two years, the STULZ CyberCon’s modular design makes it ideally suited to the precision cooling needs of containerized data centers.”