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Best of Industry Perspectives 2012: Cloud Computing

Best of Industry Perspectives 2012: Cloud Computing

2012 marked the year that "cloud" went mainstream with rising consumer awareness of cloud. While IT professionals may have been thinking cloud and planning for it for a few years, this year really marked a shift into action. This round-up of the year's best cloud-related columns offers sound advice from industry thought leaders from Intel, Savvis, ViaWest and many others.

This was the year that "cloud" went mainstream. In 2012, consumers became aware of Apple's iCloud. Microsoft TV ads included cloud references. Google's online apps such as Gmail proceeded to grow. Outages in the Amazon cloud brought down hugely popular websites such as Netflix and Pinterest.

IT professionals have been thinking cloud computing for a few years, but this year really marked a shift into action, working to operationalize cloud services, secure cloud services and move more and more applications into cloud environments. Our Industry Perspectives guest columnists offered good counsel on many aspects of cloud such as its impact on teams, business implications and best practices. Here's our Top 12 picks of cloud columns for 2012. Enjoy!

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