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Big Leases for Dupont Fabros in Santa Clara and Chicago
An aerial view of the DuPont Fabros data center in Santa Clara, California. (Photo: DuPont Fabros Technology)

Big Leases for Dupont Fabros in Santa Clara and Chicago

Wholesale data center provider Dupont Fabros announced some significant leasing numbers, with the Chicago CH1 Data Center reaching 100 percent leased and Santa Clara SC1 data center now being three-quarters leased.

An aerial view of the new DuPont Fabros data center in Santa Clara, Calif.

Wholesale data center provider Dupont Fabros announced today that it has closed significant leases in multiple locations. After a few recent deals, the Chicago CH1 Data Center is now 100 percent leased, and in Silicon Valley, the Santa Clara SC1 Data Center is 75 percent leased.

Chicagoland's CH1

Located in Elk Grove Village, IL, CH1 was constructed in two phases totaling 485,000 gross square feet, with 231,000 square feet of raised floor and 36.4 megawatts ("MW") of critical load. CH1 now has nine tenants with a weighted average lease term of 9.9 years and will achieve a 13 percent unlevered GAAP return on invested capital. One tenant has the right to relinquish 2.6MW by notification in the first quarter of 2013 if they choose, but that hasn’t happened yet as of the company release.

Two new leases brought the facility to 100 percent leased. The first is in Phase I for 0.43MW and is with an existing financial tenant in the company’s New Jersey Facility. The second is in Phase II for 2.6MW, from an undisclosed existing customer in Northern Virgina. The 2.6MW lease will commence in three phases, the first for 1.3MW in Q1 2013, the remaining 1.3MW commencing in equal parts in Q3 and Q4 quarters of 2013.

Silicon Valley's SC1

Located in Santa Clara, CA, the company signed a massive lease for 5.69MW with an existing tenant, jumping Phase I from 44 percent to 75 percent leased. The existing tenant recently renewed a lease at ACC3 in Ashburn, VA, and is also one of the customers leasing in Chicago. The new lease will be rolled out in three steps: 2.28MW in Q1, w.28MW in Q2, and 1.13MW in Q4 2013. The weighted average of lease terms in this facility is 8.8 years.

Other Recent Leasing Activity

Just this November, the company pre-leased 4.33 megawatts of space in Virginia, fully leasing ACC6 in Ashburn, Virginia. ACC6 is a massive facility of 262,000 square feet that was constructed in two phases of 130,000 square feet and 26MW of critical load. Phase I was delivered in September in 2011, and Phase II is expected January 1, 2013. Just last April, the company filled up 18 megawatts in that same facility.

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