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Dope'n'Stack - We're Gonna Rock Your Cloud

OpenStack fans are getting down with the open source cloud anthem, "Dopenstack." We present for your enjoyment - the open source cloud-rap-rock video.

Who says geeks cannot dance? And sing, for that matter? They can. The enthusiasm post-the OpenStack Summit led to this rocking video "Cloud Anthem." An excerpt from the lyrics goes like this:

We're gonna turn it up, we're gonna rock your cloud
This is the open future that we're talking 'bout
So baby listen close, you gonna feel this track
Cause you know you gotta get this OpenStack

Obviously, there's not a lot of news going on this week, but at least there's cloud-rap-rock vids to watch. Also, the song is open source. You can download it on


For more cloud news, see our Cloud Computing Channel. For additional video on data centers, check out our DCK video archive and the Data Center Videos channel on YouTube.

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