Digital Fortress, SunGard, ColoHouse Open New Facilities

Digital Fortress opens downtown Seattle colocation site, SunGard Availability expands in Scottsdale data center , ColoHouse Data Center expands Miami footprint .

Here's our review of noteworthy links for the data center industry for September 11th:

Digital Fortress Opens Downtown Seattle Colocation Site - Digital Fortress, Inc. announced the deployment of their new downtown colocation facility in Seattle, WA. The new 25,000 square foot data center space boasts 24” raised-floor cooling, 4MW of generator- and UPS-backed power and fully meshed and redundant network architecture. The space was acquired in March of this year and has been fully renovated to support high-density, high-availability installations.

SunGard Availability Expands in Scottsdale Data Center - SunGard Availability Services has completed anexpansion of its data center in Scottsdale, Ariz. Designed to meet increasing customer demand for colocation, managed services and recovery services, SunGard’s investment will help customers address their business IT needs without incurring the capital and operating expenses of building and running their own data centers. The expansion project adds 7,400 square feet of raised floor and nearly one megawatt of power, bringing the facility’s total capacity to three megawatts.

ColoHouse Data Center Expands Miami Footprint - ColoHouse Data Center has commenced the second phase of an expansion project that will add more than 6,000 square feet of carrier-neutral raised floor colocation space.The colocation hosting provider breaks ground amidst an agreement with Digital Realty that substantially increased the length of the lease the company holds at 36 NE 2nd Street in downtown Miami; a telecom grade, Category 5 hurricane protected building which also resides outside of FEMA’s 500-year flood zone.