Cloud News: Amazon, Caringo, Red Hat

Amazon adds edge location in Sydney, Australia; Caringo adds 3 new cloud storage products; Red Hat (RHT) announced the general availability of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.

Here’s a roundup of some of this week’s headlines from the cloud computing sector:

Amazon adds Sydney edge location.  Amazon (AMZN) announced the launch of a new edge location in Sydney, Australia to serve end users of Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53.  With 8 new edge locations announced in 2012 the Sydney location brings the total to 33 worldwide. Amazon also  announced that AWS CloudFormation now supports Amazon DynamoDB as well as Amazon CloudFront dynamic content. With AWS CloudFormation, you can provision and update a set of related AWS resources in an orderly and predictable fashion. AWS CloudFormation templates are JSON-formatted text files that can be version controlled alongside your application source.

Caringo adds 3 new cloud storage products.  Caringo introduced three new products, making it the only object storage vendor to deliver a complete cloud storage software solution. The new Elastic Content Protection, CloudScaler and Indexer products, along with the market-leading Object Storage Platform powered by CAStor, positions Caringo as the only vendor to offer a stack of software appliances that work together to provide cloud storage flexible enough to use for private or public clouds and seamlessly scalable from terabytes to petabytes. "Enterprise storage is at a crossroads," said Mark Goros, CEO at Caringo. "Traditional file-based storage was not designed for the massive capacities and ubiquitous access requirements that are now expected in every organization. Our complete cloud storage software solution enables any enterprise to optimize storage deployments securely in their data center with access from any platform. System administrators can now stand up a petabyte cluster in 30 minutes delivering elasticity to backend infrastructure in addition to front end usage."

Red Hat JBoss Application Platform 6.  Red Hat (RHT) announced the general availability of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 features a new cloud-ready architecture, new and improved management capabilities and upgraded and significantly enhanced usability.  This cloud-centric solution allows customers to move their application development and deployment to the cloud without the need to re-skill or diverge from open industry standards. it also offers developers the ability to programmatically manage applications and automate application deployment processes whether used standalone or integrated with their own management tools, including private clouds. In addition, Red Hat is also introducing the availability of new JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6-specific courses and JBoss Certified Application Administrator Certification, as well as strategic training and service offerings to help guide customers migrating to the solution. “The JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 update lives up to its billing as Red Hat's most ambitious release of the software ever, with capabilities and features in cloud computing, mobile software and big data – all of which are key strategic areas of enterprise deployment," said Jay Lyman, senior analyst, Enterprise Software, 451 Research. "This release brings consistent JBoss functionality and experience across physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments in a much leaner software package.”

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