Data Center Links: Fujitsu, Wipro, Telehouse

Fujitsu unveils optical fiber temperature sensing technology, Wipro building global utility computing platform, Telehouse expands data center footprint in Greater China.

Here's our review of some of this week's noteworthy links for the data center industry:

Fujitsu Unveils Optical Fiber Temperature Sensing Technology - Fujitsu  has implemented a real-time temperature distribution visualization system within Tohoku Electric Power Group's data center in collaboration with Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. and Tohoku Information Systems Co.  A single optical fiber line, acting as a temperature sensor, was installed at the front and back of each server rack, as well as on the ceiling and floor, thereby enabling the temperature distribution in the data center to be measured in high resolution (in 10-cm intervals) and in real time (every 30 seconds). Using the results obtained from the generated visualizations, the companies have completed a trial to optimize the data center's air-conditioning power consumption.

Wipro Building Global Utility Computing Platform - Wipro Technologies is expanding its infrastructure as a service ("IaaS") capabilities to create a global utility computing platform, designed to meet the specific requirements of enterprise-class clients. The IaaS portfolio is being marketed as Wipro iStructure services, and will be the foundation for offering a broad set of infrastructure, application and business process outsourcing solutions in an 'as-a-service' model. "Last year we began offering multi-tenant, virtual server hosting to our existing clients as part of large, integrated infrastructure management engagements," said Michael Wilczak, SVP - Strategy, Datacenter Services, Wipro Technologies. "Clients have quickly adopted the service, and today, 15% of the servers hosted in Wipro's data centers are delivered in an as-a-service model. Now, we are expanding the service portfolio, deploying the platform throughout the US, Europe and India, and marketing the solutions as discrete service offerings under the Wipro iStructure service line."

Telehouse Data Centers Expand in Greater China - KDDI Corporation, the parent company of Telehouse, will invest approximately $140.6 million to expand its data center business in the Greater China market including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. A new Telehouse data center will be opened in Beijing in December 2012, when Telehouse will also expand its customer colocation space in Hong Kong. KDDI has established a joint venture with SINNET to operate the Telehouse Beijing data center. KDDI presently operates four data centers in three cities in the Greater China Region, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The second Beijing data center from Telehouse will boast a floor area of about 25,000 square meters (m2) located in the city's Technological Development Area (BDA).