Open Compute Summit Convenes at Rackspace

The third Open Compute Summit drew about 500 participants -- vendors, suppliers and end users -- to learn more about Open Compute's progress. Check out our photo gallery from the event.


Rackspace's sprawling San Antonio headquarters, which is a renovated shopping mall, was the venue for the third Open Compute Summit. The main conference space was the site of a former Dillard's department store. (Photo: Colleen Miller)

This week's Open Compute Summit attracted about 500 participants to Rackspace's San Antonio converted-mall-corporate-campus to learn more about Open Compute's progress. Started by Facebook, and gaining momentum among equipment suppliers, Open Compute aims to open source and standardize hardware designs. Focusing on servers, storage and the data center, the project can move the data center industry forward in maximizing innovation and collaboration. See the Data Center Knowledge photo essay of news and views from the event -- Scenes from Open Compute Summit.

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