Roundup: HP Wins $800M Sabre Deal, CA, IceWeb

HP selected for $800 million contract with Sabre Holdings to support travel technology, IceWEB announces Unified Storage System, CA named Energy Star Provider partner,

Here’s our review of some of this week’s noteworthy links for the data center industry:

HP selected for $800 million Sabre contract.  HP Enterprise Services announced an $800 million, six-year services agreement with Sabre Holdings to enhance Sabre's technology infrastructure by implementing HP's networking and flexible storage solutions. HP will upgrade Sabre’s network and storage infrastructure, including their core mainframe platform and will also provide services for their LAN/WAN environment. HP will support Sabre’s locations around the world from global delivery centers. "Diverse travel technology companies have a need for flexible infrastructures so they can take advantage of growth opportunities," said Mike Klaus, vice president and general manager at HP Enterprise Services. "HP is best positioned to create an operationally sound infrastructure with improved service levels that will help Sabre remain focused on delivering quality products and services to the travel industry."

IceWEB announces Unified Storage System. IceWEB, a provider of Unified Data Storage appliances for cloud and virtual environments, announced the availability of the IceWEB 7000 Unified Data Storage System – a highly redundant and scalable storage system to support mission critical applications and unstructured data in the data center and in remote cloud storage environments. The IceWEB 7000 unified storage system is all-inclusive storage for both block and file data across multiple protocols – Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Oracle databases, virtualized environments as well as unstructured data. “High availability is critical for our clients dealing with massive amounts of both structured and unstructured data, such as the US Air Force, Army, Navy and West Point Academy,” said Christopher Lazzari Applications Engineer with NJ-based Videobank, an IceWEB channel partner. “IceWEB’s scalability to 1.8 petabytes with the IceWEB 7000 series is a great fit for our clients who need high availability as well as enterprise scalability, robust features – all at a competitive price.”

CA named Energy Star Provider Partner.  CA Technologies (CA) announced a commitment to promote energy efficiency and help protect the environment by becoming an official ENERGY STAR Service and Product Provider Partner. CA ecoSoftware is an energy and sustainability management solution designed to help organizations measure, report, and take action on energy, water, waste, and carbon. CA ecoGovernance reports environmental impact and performance, align energy and sustainability initiatives with business goals, and automates relevant processes across geographic and functional boundaries. CA ecoMeter is an operational energy management product that  captures real-time information on energy and other variables in facilities and data centers, and then measures, trends, alerts, and acts to increase efficiency, enhance service availability and reduce costs. CA ecoDesktop is a PC power management solution that helps organizations identify savings opportunities. “CA Technologies partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR program is further validation of our commitment to help our customers improve their energy efficiency and performance,” said Terrence Clark, general manager, CA ecoSoftware, CA Technologies. “We believe that the organization-wide energy and sustainability management approach offered in our CA ecoSoftware solution will help to promote greater energy efficiency, while also helping companies to meet their financial and sustainability goals.”

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