Industry Perspectives: Emerson, Dell, Datalink

This week's Industry Perspectives columns come from Dell's Travis Vigil, Kent Christensen of Datalink, and Bhavesh Patel of Emerson Network Power.

The Industry Perspectives channel at Data Center Knowledge highlights thought leadership in the data center arena, providing industry professionals with the opportunity to share their insight and expertise. For your weekend reading, here’s a recap of this week’s columns:

  • 5 Reasons to Own Your Cloud - Now’s the time to move forward with plans for your own internal, private cloud. If you don’t, you may find yourself — and your IT organization — left behind. A perspective from Kent Christensen of Datalink.
  • Beyond Servers: Is Your Data Center Truly Virtualized? - When it comes to a truly virtualized data center, server virtualization, which enables several applications to run independently on a single physical server, is only half of the solution. A perspective on storage virtualization from Travis Vigil at Dell.
  • Enhanced Power Reliability for Data Centers - Data center power reliability can be enhanced by employing three measures that work hand in hand: testing, maintenance and modernization. A perspective from Bhavesh Patel of Emerson Network Power.

Industry Perspectives is a content channel at Data Center Knowledge highlighting thought leadership in the data center arena. See ourguidelines and submission process for information on participating. View previously published Industry Perspectives in our Knowledge Library.

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