Network Roundup: Radware, Brocade, Arista Networks

Radware (RDWR) announces Alteon 5224 application delivery controller, Brocade (BRCD) unveils software advancements for its ServerIron application delivery switches, Arista Networks adds event management features to EOS.

Here’s our review of some of today’s noteworthy links for the networking sector of the data center industry:

Radware Alteon 5224 ADC platform. Radware (RDWR) said that its Alteon 5224 application delivery controller (ADC) for enterprises delivers new levels of performance, on demand throughput scalability, and port density for its class, while offering 10GE connectivity and ADC virtualization capabilities. Meeting the challenges of load balancing and advanced application delivery services, the Alteon 5224 features the ability to scale up to 16 Gbps using the same platform and offers 10GE ports as well as two built-in 10GE SFP+ ports. The platform is shipped with two embedded virtual ADC instances (vADC) that can be expanded on-demand to support up to 24 fully-independent vADCs. "Companies running mission-critical applications need to cost-effectively and flexibly scale to ensure connectivity to today's and tomorrow's switching infrastructure, as well as assure their application high resilience, fast performance and scalability needs," said Nir Ilani, director, product marketing, Application Delivery at Radware.  "The Alteon 5224 advanced ADC platform provides a complete set of application delivery services that ensure the availability, performance and security for applications – while topping any other alternative ADC on the market."

Brocade advances ServerIron ADX application delivery switches.  Brocade (BRCD) announced significant software advancements to the Brocade ServerIron ADX Series of cloud-optimized application delivery switches designed to help customers gain greater application control and service scalability. The new Brocade OpenScript engine gives the ability to intelligently predict the effect on the network before introducing scripts into production. Built on PERL, OpenScript is a scalable and deterministic application scripting engine that allows network operators to customize the capabilities of their network to match their specific needs. Brocade ADX version 12.4 doubles the IPv6 performance of ADX and delivers consistent services across IPv4 and IPv6. The Brocade ADX switch also enables a seamless transition to IPv6 while preserving IPv4 assets through standards-based IPv4-to-IPv6 translation technology. "A service provider's critical asset is its network; this makes reliability, scalability and performance critical factors for its success," said Alan Weckel, senior director for Dell'Oro Group. "The importance to predetermine the impact network load on their application delivery infrastructure is becoming critical as service providers not only create new revenue generating services but also mitigate network implications before any traffic passes through their application delivery infrastructure." The Brocade ServerIron ADX software release version 12.4 is generally available now.

Arista announces Advanced Event Management suite. Arista Networks announced Advanced Event Management (AEM), a suite of new capabilities in Arista's Extensible Operating System (EOS), that enables increased and unprecedented levels of network automation while improving overall system uptime. As a way to fully utilize the intelligence within EOS AEM is purpose-built to enable distributed systems automation, to simplify complex tasks, react programmatically to network changes, and simplify troubleshooting tasks. “Until now, Network automation has been limited by command line interpreters and often a lack of vendor commitment to open standards and flexible programming languages,” said Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research. “Arista’s focus on a modern software-defined network operating system, that is customizable, with built-in automation capabilities is a welcome change for the cloud-era.”  AEM will be available in March 2012 as part of Arista EOS version 4.9.

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