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Energy Efficiency: The Software-Oriented Approach

Power efficiency is becoming a primary concern to data centers. Advances in server equipment technologies and computing power have led to higher load densities in the computer room, making energy efficiency of high importance to data center operators.

Power efficiency is becoming a primary concern to data centers. Advances in server equipment technologies and computing power have placed a premium on effective energy efficiency measures in the data center.

This white paper  from Square D details the steps to successfully implementing an energy efficiency strategy through software. It explains the importance of data-interpreting software to efficiency management and the ways this software assists in the implementation process.  It demonstrates the importance of measuring energy metric and developing an energy baseline, and provides benchmark historical and current performances as examples.  Next, it stresses the importance of energy modeling, which allows predictions of energy use in the system under various parameters, the hardware used to create these models, and the software installed on these devices.  Finally, it offers strategies to cut energy consumption and methods that allow its control in real-time.

Learn the benefits of investing in efficiency measuring software during the implementation of energy saving methods. Click here to download this white paper on achieving maximum energy savings through the use of efficiency analyzing software.

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