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Rackwise Integrates Intel's DCM into its Software

Rackwise,data center managing software developer, has announced a multi-year licence agreement and software integration with Intel Corporation to enhance the the Rackwise DCM software product.

Data center management software developer Rackwise has announced a multi-year license agreement and software integration with Intel Corporation to enhance the Rackwise DCM software product. Rackwise will integrate device level, real-time data collection and monitoring functionality of the Intel DCM software into their own product, resulting in increased data aggregation, visibility and reporting.

Advantages of the collaboration include expanded real-time power and thermal monitoring, enhanced failure analysis and extended visibility and analytics at the device, rack, floor and all other levels of infrastructure.

“The Intel Data Center Manager combined with RACKWISE DCM helps provide data center managers and executives extensive visibility into device level energy usage and thermal data which will enhance capacity planning, forecasting, performance monitoring and energy management for significant operational savings,” said Jeff Klaus, Director of Data Center Solutions at Intel.  "RACKWISE DCM ’s extensive visualization, reporting and analytics platform combined with information from Intel DCM will give data center personnel an unprecedented level of intelligent access and control over the physical and virtual assets within the data center.”

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