Best of Industry Perspectives: Cloud

This year's Industry Perspectives' columns often focused cloud computing - from planning to policy. We present a selection of these guest columns on cloud written by industry thought leaders for your reading over the long holiday weekend,

2011 could be called the Year of the Cloud, as the industry has matured and drawn much attention. We present for your reading over the long holiday weekend, some highlights of our Industry Perspectives columns which have focused on cloud - from policies to planning - which we have published this year. Enjoy!

How Enterprises Can Maximize the Cloud - As enterprises use cloud technologies and services, what are some of key components to watch for? Michael Jackson, of Adaptive Computing, examines the issues.

Cloud Accelerates Need for Workload Automation - The automation of manual processes is becoming a larger focus of IT organizations as they look to provide users with more capabilities, Ben Rosenberg of Advanced System Concepts writes.

Cloud Policy: Where Ideals Meet Reality, Part 1 - Bob Deutsche of Intel explains how cloud technology—and, by default, any of our business systems and related data hosted in the cloud—must contend with policies and standards that are framed by location and related geopolitical considerations.

Cloud Computing: Could Your Cloud Dissipate? - Nathan Hatch, President of C7 Data Centers, explains one of the central tenants of cloud computing: namely, where is my cloud and why should I care about its location?

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service Options - An increasingly popular option is to put both primary production and disaster recovery instances into the cloud and have both handled by a managed service provider. By doing this enterprises can get all the benefits of cloud computing - from usage-based cost to eliminating on-premises infrastructure, writes Nitin Mishra of NetMagic.

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