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New AMD Processors Embraced by HP, ZT, SGI

AMD has launched its Opteron 6200 and 6400 series processors and server vendors HP, SGI and ZT Systems incorporated the new chips into their product offerings.

AMD has launched its Opteron 6200 and 6400 series processors and server vendors announced  that they will incorporate them into their product offerings.

AMD Launches 6200 and 6400

Formerly code-named Interlagos and Valencia, AMD Monday  announced the immediate availability of its AMD Opteron 6200 and 4200 Series processors. The new chips achieve 84 percent greater performance, up to 73 percent more memory bandwidth, and use half the power per core.

"Our industry is at a new juncture; virtualization has provided a new level of reliable consolidation and businesses are now looking to the cloud for even more agility and efficiency," said Paul Struhsaker, corporate vice president and general manager, Commercial Business, AMD. "We designed the new AMD Opteron processor for this precise moment. The wait for the most anticipated new product and architecture for servers is over. Leading OEMs are now offering cloud, enterprise and HPC customers a full suite of solutions based on the industry’s most comprehensive server processor portfolio, the new AMD Opteron family of processors which deliver an inspired balance of performance, scalability and efficiency.”

AMD also announced the expansion of its 2012 roadmap with the addition of the new AMD Opteron 3000 Series platform, which will be targeted to the ultra-dense, ultra-low power 1P Web Hosting/Web Serving and Microserver markets.

HP launches new AMD ProLiant servers.

HP introduced ProLiant G7 servers featuring AMD Opteron 6200 Series processors, which can improve data center efficiency, scalability and performance up to 30 percent to support large-scale, virtualized and database workloads. The ProLiant uses AMD Opteron 6200 Series processors, for 2,048 cores per rack and 33 percent more cores for highly concurrent high-performance computing workloads.

"We are excited about the launch of the HP ProLiant DL385 G7 based on the AMD Opteron 6200 Series, as it will allow us to increase the density of virtual machines for our customers, while being able to dedicate processor cores for real-time applications like Microsoft Lync," said Robert Adie, director of Digital IP, an HP customer. "Leveraging HP and AMD together allows us to meet our customer requirements by minimizing the physical footprint and power requirement while hitting an aggressive price point."

The new HP servers will include Virtual Connect for remote management, and HP integrated lights-out (ILO), a server management tool enabling remote monitoring for reduced maintenance costs.

ZT Systems launches Opteron-based Precision-Fit server solutions.

ZT Systems announced solutions featuring the new AMD Opteron 6200 and 4200 series processors. The Opteron 6200 series, with up to 16 cores, will be used in ZT Systems 2210Ra servers and the Opteron 4200 will be used in ZT Systems 1257Ra servers.

"ZT Systems servers featuring the AMD Opteron 6200 and 4200 Series processors enable greater throughput, exceptional value and readiness to scale than previous generations," said John Fruehe, director of Server Product Marketing, AMD. "With ZT rapidly bringing customized solutions featuring this new technology to market, we look forward to enabling data center customers to help reach new levels of performance and energy efficiency.”

SGI ICE Servers Shipping with new Opteron.

SGI announced that it has begun shipping to customers worldwide its SGIRackable and SGI ICE server lines incorporating AMD Opteron 6200 series processors. With the SGI ICE 8400 launched November 2010 all that is required to upgrade is a socket-level change to the new AMD Opteron 6200 Series processors.

"Our customers are using their AMD-powered SGI servers to break new barriers in research and engineering," said Bill Mannel, vice president of product marketing at SGI. "With industry-leading core counts, the AMD Opteron 6000 Series processors allow applications needing multiple cores to achieve optimal price, performance and density."

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