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Roundup: GoGrid, ViaWest, CoreXchange, Vaultus

GoGrid offers private backup link for backup and disaster recovery, CoreXchange introduces online ordering for colocation services, ViaWest launches KINECTed Cloud, Vaultus announces data center expansion in St. Cloud

GoGrid Offers Private link for Backup and DR - Cloud infrastructure provider GoGrid has introduced its dedicated private line CloudLink for customers to access a secure connection across its data centers. The company calls CloudLink an ideal solution for corporate environments that require disaster recovery and data replication.
This announcement comes on the heels of GoGrid's deployment of the Modius OpenData data center infrastructure management solution. CloudLink is priced based on bandwidth rather than metered traffic. GoGrid says this feature eliminates the need for IT managers to track traffic across network topologies.

ViaWest Launches KINECTed Cloud - ViaWest has announced the launch of its KINECTed Cloud service, which provides users a choice between two different hypervisors: a VMware-based vCloud Powered hypervisor and an open source Xen-based hypervisor. KINECTed Cloud is a “community” cloud where members reside within ViaWest’s data center facilities and abide by its acceptable use policies. The ViaWest KINECTed Cloud is a flexible service designed to accommodate businesses at every stage of their lifecycle. From press release.

CoreXchange Introduces Online Ordering for Colocation Services - CoreXchange has introduced online ordering of enterprise-level colocation and bandwidth solutions. “CoreXchange continues to provide the best in data center and advanced networking solutions within our leading Dallas data center through our new simplified online ordering system," said Julia Morgan, Executive Vice President for CoreXchange. "We have dramatically streamlined the ordering process, by eliminating the need for physical contracts and long negotiations.”

Vaultus Announces Data Center Expansion in St. Cloud - Vaultas, a provider of vendor-neutral data center, collocation and business continuity facilities in the Upper Midwest, has announced an expansion plan into the St. Cloud, Minnesota market. Vaultas continues its overall growth strategy following the completion of the company’s most recent data center facility in Alexandria, Minnesota. Press release.

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