Best of Industry Perspectives: Networking

The hot topics in the world of networking were covered by this year's Industry Perspectives experts. We look back on some of the best networking columns.

The evolution of networking –   higher-bandwidth, low-latency interconnects;  the switch to IPv6; and WAN governance and optimization – were all topics covered by this year's Industry Perspectives experts. Below are some of the best columns from thus far in 2011.

Data Centers and IPv6: Why It Matters to You - Richard Donaldson, 6connect - June 28, 2011
With the number of available IP addresses dwindling, IPv6 has been introduced. This column explains the basis for the move as well as why data center managers and staff will need to be versed in the changes that are happening.

High & Low: Performance & LatencyCraig Denton, Next Connex – May 31, 2011
With higher-bandwidth, lower-latency data centre interconnects, organisations can resolve the apparently contradictory demands of driving down latency, boosting performance and reducing costs by giving organisations access to a wider range of colocation options, and making more space and power available for growth.

What does IPv6 Mean to Your Network?Peter Newton, NETGEAR – April 12, 2011
IPv6 is the next generation of routing and offers many improvements over IPv4, including a virtually unlimited number of addresses. Unfortunately, there exists a huge installed base of networking equipment that is not capable of communicating via the IPv6 protocol.

Consolidation Projects Require WAN GovernanceDavid White, Ipanema Technologies – April 7, 2011
As a result of acquisitions, multi-national enterprises often have a plethora of different IT systems. Data center and server consolidation simplifies complex infrastructures and reduces IT costs.

Data Center Traffic Highlights WAN Optimization Haseeb Budhani, Infineta, February 23, 2011
It should come as no surprise to anyone that enterprises are continuing to push increasingly more traffic between their data centers. The drivers for this huge uptake in inter-data center WAN utilization range from the need to protect data to making data available ubiquitously.

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