APC Offers New Cisco Tools and Solutions

At CiscoLive, APC by Schneider Electric has introduced the NetShelter SX Side Airflow solution duct kit for the Cisco Nexus 7018, which addresses the side-to-side airflow for the switch.

APC by Schneider Electric introduced multiple new data center solutions at the annual Cisco Live event to support the IT reseller community. Items launched include the NetShelter SX Side Airflow solution duct kit for the Cisco Nexus 7018, Design and Configuration guides and the integration of APC solutions with the Netformx DesignXpert platform.

SX Side Airflow kit

The NetShelter SX Networking Enclosure and Side Airflow Solution Kit is designed to support the Cisco Nexus 7018 and provides hot and cold aisle isolation. The Cisco site preparation guide for the Cisco 7018 lists a requirement of 11 inches on each side of the chassis for side-to-side airflow. Cooling requirements for side airflow are needed, as the nearly 200 pound Nexus 7018 dissipates up to 51,195 BTU's per hour. The APC side airflow kit is designed to work with these airflow requirements, while still allowing other components within the same rack to use typical front and back hot/cold airflow. The new kit is being displayed in a NetShelter enclosure at the Schneider booth #1537 at Cisco Live.

Design Guides and DesignXpert

Three new Design and Configuration guides were announced to assist Cisco channel partners to configure power requirements, select appropriate racks, address airflow issues, and suggest cable management solutions for Cisco products. Partnering with Netformx, APC has integrated solutions into their flagship DesignXpert platform. Designs created with DesignXpert, which include Cisco solutions up to 20Kw, now benefit from an automatically generated list of required APC products and services. ”We are delighted to further our partnership with APC by offering an automated way to accelerate the requirements-to-order process and enable IT resellers to recommend the optimal APC solutions when a design is created,” said Ittai Bareket, Chief Executive Officer, Netformx. “Ensuring that a complete and valid power and cooling solution is delivered as an integral part of the network design directly drives customer satisfaction and the ability to close business faster.”

EcoStruxure and EnergyWise

APC parent company Schneider Electric also announced that it has teamed with Cisco to provide an innovative comprehensive energy management solution that monitors and manages energy consumption across all building domains. Schneider's EcoStruxure active energy management architecture portfolio integrates with Cisco EnergyWise embedded on the Cisco network infrastructure to provide a holistic building management solution, managing all energy-consuming building assets.

“Looking for innovative ways to increase energy efficiency and enable business performance within buildings is what Schneider Electric does every day with thousands of customers worldwide,” said Chris Curtis, president and CEO, Buildings Business, Schneider Electric. “Combining Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure architecture and Cisco EnergyWise provides organizations with the capability to go one step further and manage the energy consumption of IT/IP devices and PCs in the building management system domain for the first time. We are very excited about this opportunity and what our joint innovation will mean for reducing energy consumption in buildings across the globe.”

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