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Rack Hygiene

In this whitepaper industry veteran, Edward Eacueo, presents both a compelling discussion as well as practical advice on optimizing airflow through, in, and around the rack, also known as, “Rack Hygiene.”

The data center manager is looking for every edge in cooling efficiency. The subject warrants many considerations and one major area is airflow stream. A rather obvious solution but often overlooked is the rack. In this white paper from Eaton - Wright Line, industry veteran Edward Eacueo presents practical advice on optimizing airflow in and around the rack, also known as, “Rack Hygiene.”

In 10 years the rack has evolved and should be considered a critical part of the data center efficiency equation. As a tool the author suggests that the new vision of the rack should be that of a plenum, the duct in which AC units return air. However in the case of a rack that return space houses critical IT infrastructure. As with any serious analysis the key is measurement. The author discusses a series of benchmarking methodologies using virtual models coupled with testing to find problem areas and improve airflow containment. He also outlines the five airflow fault areas of racks complemented with images.

Learn more about the fundamental way the rack can enhance airflow and its role in data center energy management.

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