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Calxeda Readies Low-Power ARM Servers

Austin-based startup Calxeda is developing low-energy servers based on ARM chips. In this video, Karl Freund of Calxeda provides an overview of the company's products and roadmap, and the opportunity for ARM servers.

As data center operators seek improved energy efficiency, there's been growing interest in adapting low-power processors designed for mobile devices and using them to power servers. Chips from ARM Holdings power the world's iPhones and many other mobile devices, and will soon be heading to the server. Leading the way is Calxeda (formerly Smooth-Stone), an Austin-based startup developing low-energy, high-power servers based on ARM chips. At the recent Structure Big Data conference, we spoke with Karl Freund, the Vice President of Marketing for Calxeda, who provided an overview of the company's products and roadmap. This video runs about 7 minutes, 30 seconds.

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