Data Center Week in Review: January 8th

This week's news highlights: Microsoft unveils its new modular data center in Quincy (story & photos), cloud computing helps Rackspace improve data center profitability, Facebook funding could boost data center investment.

For your weekend reading, here’s a recap some of the noteworthy stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this past week:

  • Microsoft’s High-Tech Modular ‘Tractor Shed’ - Microsoft has completed construction on the initial phase of its new data center in Quincy, Washington, which features a plug-n-play modular infrastructure that provides extraordinary flexibility in deploying new cloud computing capacity. The new data center features a lightweight exterior, which Microsoft compares to a “tractor shed.”
  • Inside Microsoft’s New Quincy Cloud Farm - Here’s a closer look at the modular data center technology being deployed in the new Quincy facility.
  • How the Cloud is Driving Profits at Rackspace - Financial metrics show that the growing cloud computing operation at Rackspace Hosting is helping the company deliver more revenue from its data centers.
  • What The ‘New Heart of Wall Street’ Looks Like - Here’s a glimpse inside the data centers in northern New Jersey powering the rise of high-speed trading operations, which were just showcased by the New York Times.
  • Video Tour: CapGemini’s Merlin Data Center - CapGemini has just released a brief new video providing a closer look at its new Merlin data center in Swindon, England, which combines many of the latest trends and best practices in modular data center design and cooling.
  • Will Facebook Funding Finance Facilities? - What will Facebook do with $500 million in new funding? Facebook is currently spending at least $50 million a year for leased data center space. As the company moves into the data center construction business, that spending will jump significantly.

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