Videos of the Year: 2010 in Data Centers

<img src="/sites/" alt="" width="461" height="254" /> Data Center Knowledge's top videos of 2010 show the topics of interest to industry execs and data center managers from powering and cooling data center space to the always-popular video tours of newly opened and innovative facilities.

A look at the Hurricane Electric data center in Fremont, Calif. from a video tour that was one of the most popular videos of the year on our video channel.

The year was busy for the expanding data center industry. From modular units in large facilities to innovative approaches to cooling and green energy sources, the pace of innovation has quickened. Data Center Knowledge's top videos reflect the interests of the growing industry, such as powering and cooling data center space as well as the ever-popular video tours of new and large facilities. Check out the Top Data Center Videos of 2010.

Keep up with us next year by bookmarking our DCK video archive and our Data Center Videos channel on YouTube.

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