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nlyte Updates its DCIM Software

Amid a growing focus on Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), nlyte has just released its updated nlyte 6.0 software. Here's a video demo from nlyte's Michael Boyce.

As more data center managers confront challenges with power use and capacity, there's a growing focus on the need for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software. One of the leading current entries in this niche in nlyte Software, which has just launched version 6.0 of its product. At the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas, nlyte's Michael Boyce gave DCK's Rich Miller a demo of the new version and its capabilities. This video runs about 11 minutes.

nlyte 6.0 provides visibility into the information and key performance indicators that help optimize the critical resources of power, cooling and space by giving fully integrated business intelligence capabilities in the software.  Detailed visibility into the current status of the data center allows for a comparison of how data center operations is performing against strategic goals.

With a strong business intelligence foundation based on best practices in data warehousing, analytics and dimensional modeling, the nlyte Analytics component contains three modules. The Dashboard module uses state-of-the-art visualization to give high level roll-up views of data, critical operational metrics and a number of pre-defined dashboards.  The Report module is a flexible, easy-to-use reporting infrastructure to create, schedule, analyze, manage and distribute reports for a wide variety of IT and executive audiences.  It also contains a rich library of standard reports to support daily operations.  The Predict module lets users forecast and model the future state of a data center's capacities  based on historical data.  The modeling capabilities built into this module allow users to minimize over-provisioning of the data center and to accurately predict the lifespan of their facilities.

On the nlyte Change is Here web page, the company presents a number of video interviews with company executives and analysts explaining the importance of visualizing data, measuring data center efficiencies and giving the data center manager an arsenal of information to respond to the increasing pressure of strategically aligning the data center with business goals.

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