What to Read at DCK: Week of Dec. 4

Week in Review: Feuds featuring Wikileaks vs. Amazon and Level 3 vs. Comcast, Apple's Olivier Sanche passes away, Google buying 111 8th Avenue, Yahoo Computing Coop coming to Quincy.

For your weekend reading, here’s a recap some of the noteworthy stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this past week:

  • WSJ: Google is Buying 111 8th Avenue - Google has signed a contract to buy 111 8th Avenue in Manhattan, one of the world’s choicest pieces of Internet real estate, the Wall Street Journal reports. The search company will pay for approximately $1.9 billion, the Journal says, citing sources familiar with the deal.
  • Apple’s Olivier Sanche Passes Away - Olivier Sanche, an industry veteran who most recently headed the data center team at Apple, passed away on Thanksgiving Day.<br />
    Sanche was a thought leader in data center energy efficiency.
  • WikiLeaks, Amazon, the Cloud & the Law - Many aspects of the Wikileaks-Amazon issue are being debated today, including the rights of hosting customer, the implications for providers, and the practical aspects (pro and con) of shifting a site to a cloud platform while it is under an active denial of service attack.
  • Comcast-Level 3 Feud Stirs Intense Debate - The dispute between Comcast and Level 3 has generated intense discussion around the web, with some arguing that Comcast’s actions breach Net Neutrality, while others insist it’s an unusually noisy peering dispute.
  • Yahoo Brings its Computing Coop to Quincy - The Yahoo Computing Coop is going west. Yahoo will deploy its innovative energy-efficient data center design in Quincy, Washington as it expands its campus in the fast-growing data center hub.
  • Using Mother Nature as Your Chiller - A small but growing number of data centers are slashing their cooling costs by using the earth as their chiller, tapping nearby rivers, underground lakes and wells.
  • AST Modular Powers Iceland’s THOR Facility - One of AST Modular's customers is the THOR Data Center in Iceland, which recently deployed a container data center facility in Hafnarfjorour for customers including Web browser developer Opera. This video provides a tour of the AST container deployed at THOR,
  • Green Grid Creates Metrics for Carbon, Water - Expanding its focus on sustainability, The Green Grid today announced the creation of two new metrics to measure carbon and water use in data centers.
  • A Look Inside Go Daddy’s Data Centers - Go Daddy manages 44 million domains, but the Scottsdale, Ariz. company doesn’t talk much about its infrastructure. Go Daddy has lifted the curtain a bit with a new video that offers an overview of its data center operations, with an emphasis on the security of its infrastructure.

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