Modius Offers Incentives to Switch Monitoring

Modius is encouraging data center managers to move to a more innovative solution of monitoring and let go of legacy data center monitoring solutions through monetary incentives to ease the switch.

"I'd rather fight than switch" was an old advertising slogan. Modius, Inc. is encouraging data center managers to make a switch in monitoring software through financial incentives and a recently introduced migration package for users of legacy data center monitoring solutions.

In addition to discounts and other encouragement, the company is offering a package of integration modules that retrieve and convert data from existing deployed solutions during legacy upgrades.

“Every day, we hear from data center managers who are struggling with the economics of maintaining their legacy monitoring systems," said Donald KIein, VP of Business Development at Modius. "They are frustrated that they cannot cost-effectively add new equipment to these systems, or provide their IT teams and management with critical environmental data for capacity planning and fault management."

“We decided to address this problem head-on by creating a migration package that allows managers to upgrade their systems to Modius OpenData while leveraging the investments they have already made in older, legacy solutions,” he added.

The migration package contains two major components — Integration kits for extracting data from building management systems (BMS) or other legacy monitoring tools, and financial incentives to cover the costs of maintenance payments on older systems during the transition period to Modius OpenData.

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