Weekend Roundup: Google Data Center in India?

Reports of a huge Google data center in India, Linux now supports Tilera architecture, Cirrascale announces support for OpenStack, Petascale Computing facility receives construction award.

Here’s a roundup of headlines from last week from the data center and hosting industry:

$1B Google data center in India? India's DNAindia.com site reports that Google is considering a massive data center in India.  The article says two sources mentioned the Google development, with apparent talks between Google and Cisco happening for connectivity in the data center. A Google India spokesperson did not comment on the speculation.

Tilera architecture supported by Linux. Tilera Corporation announced that support for the TILE architecture has been included in Linux kernel release 2.6.36.  Integration with the Linux kernel means that developers can run SMP Linux across 64 general purpose cores this year, and up to 100 cores per-processor, using the Tilera TIL-Gx family, in 2011. “Tilera is committed to contributing its technologies to the open source community. We are significantly benefiting from open source projects in addition to Linux and we are starting to give back,” said Troy Bailey, vice president of Marketing at Tilera.  “We have put a lot of emphasis on many-core software and developed significant IP in this area. We are planning to contribute most of our software to the open source community for others to benefit from our effort.”

Cirrascale announces OpsStack support. Cirrascale announced its support of the OpenStack community, an open source cloud computing platform with broad developer and commercial support.  OpenStack announced their 'Austin' release October 22. "Cirrascale is proud to support the OpenStack cloud platform within its data center infrastructure solutions," said David Driggers, Chairman and CEO, Cirrascale Corporation (once known as Verari). "Our customers are currently deploying some of the largest private Infrastructure as a Service offerings and will be able to offer their organizations cloud computing capabilities using this simple to implement, yet massively scalable open source software running on our data center infrastructure hardware."

NPCF receives construction award. The NCSA's National Petascale Computing Facility received an award from the Construction Management Association of America for 'Buildings, New Construction with a constructed value less less than $50 million. The award recognizes the best projects and programs for the year.  Clayco Inc. was the construction company for the facility.  For a review of the NPCF and Blue Waters supercomputer check out this Data Center Knowledge post.  Supercomputing facilities may get a boost as HPC analysts at IDC report that the U.S. is getting ready to allocate $5 billion to get into the exascale range.

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