BAIS Completes Expansion of Colocation Facility

Bay Area Internet Solutions (BAIS) completed the Phase II expansion of its 83,000 square foot data center in Santa Clara, Calif. to accommodate a new customer.

Bay Area Internet Solutions (BAIS) completed the Phase II expansion of its 83,000 square foot data center in Santa Clara, Calif. with an additional six megawatts of power to accommodate the high-density requirements of a large new customer.

BAIS completed the frist phase of the colocation facility in 2009 and in May began work on Phase II of the facility, which now has 10 MW of critical backup power capacity served by two 9 megawatt 12KV feeders from Silicon Valley Power.

The site, which was awarded the Silicon Valley Power Energy Innovator Award for its energy efficient technologies and architecture, features an innovative economizer design. One end of the data center is lined with more than 200 fans to bring fresh air into an exterior "air corridor" that surrounds the data center. The air is then filtered and used in the facility’s cooling system. BAIS expects to be able to use the air economizers to provide free cooling for 85 percent of the year. The free cooling strategy, coupled with cold aisle containment, increased the energy efficiency of the facility, thus earning it a $750,000 energy rebate from Silicon Valley Power, which is the maximum available.

"BAIS is very proud to have been able to complete the development of its Phase II data center in such a short period and be able to accommodate the power and cooling requirements of this valued customer. BAIS was able to accomplish this increase in high-density power, because the site was designed and architected to accommodate incremental growth," said Tom Wye, BAIS president and CEO. "We have an additional 9 Megawatt 12KV feeder installed, which we will activate in our Phase III extension."

"We also just completed our SAS70 Type II audit, which amplifies our commitment to excellence in customer service and continued effort to offer a world class facility with industry’s highest standard in operation and management to our customers," said Wye.

This video below gives a closer look at the BAIS data center. It was produced by Emerson Network Power and features its products, but also provides an inside look at an interesting new facility in the active Silicon Valley market. This video tour runs about 6 minutes 30 seconds.

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