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Closer Look: BladeRoom Pre-Fab Modules

UK modular data center specialist BladeRoom says it can provide pre-fab data centers with a PUE approaching 1.15. Here are several videos offering a closer look at the company's designs.

We've been tracking the evolution of new modular data center designs featuring pre-fabricated, factory-built components that can be assembled at a customer site, allowing data centers to be built faster and cheaper.

One of the more interesting players in this niche is BladeRoom, a UK company that has adapted modular designs from its historic business building technical facilities and clean rooms for health care companies. Blade Room says it can provide modular, pre-fab data centers with a PUE approaching 1.15.

Here are two videos that offer a closer look at BladeRoom's design approach. The first video provides an overview of the construction and deployment of BladeRoom modules, while the second video gives a walk-through of the cooling system for the modules. Each video runs about 90 seconds.

For more news on modular data centers, visit our Data Center Containers. For additional video, check out our i/o Data Centers Channel and the Data Center Videos channel on YouTube.

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