Roundup: Active Power, Raritan, Telx

University of Texas selects Active Power flywheels for new data center, Raritan introduces new Rack PDU, Telx partners with Intelisys.

Here’s a roundup of this week’s headlines from the data center and hosting industry:

Active Power selected by University of Texas.  Active Power (ACPW) announced that the University of Texas at Austin recently completed itsr $32 million data center and have installed four Active Power CleanSource 900 kVA UPS systems to provide nearly three megawatts of critical backup power to the facility.  Active Power’s flywheel UPS technology will also help reduce electricity costs, increase uptime and save on premium data center floor space. “Our UPS systems are much more energy efficient, requires less space and eliminates the need for battery replacement and disposal compared to conventional battery UPS technology,” said Jim Clishem, president and CEO, Active Power. “The heat output is also lower which reduces the need for additional cooling.”

Raritan introduces new Rack PDU. Raritan announced the addition to its family of intelligent rack power distribution units (PDU), the Raritan PX-1000 Series. The new PDU includes web-based energy performance tracking capabilities, security features and integrated support for optional environmental sensors. Raritan PDU's gather extensive power information such as data on voltage, current, power factor, apparent power (kVA), active power (kW),  energy consumption in kilowatt hours and environmental data. New with the PX-1000 is an auto-flip PDU display that changes the orientation of the LED display when the PDU is rotated, and additional ports, including USB and DB9 RS232 serial. "The PX-1000 is a smart choice for companies that want accurate and continuous power monitoring  in order to get to the heart of power issues - such as identify ways to reduce energy costs, orchestrate efficient cooling among racks, and optimize capacity," said Herman Chan, Director of Raritan's Energy Management Business.

Telx and Intelisys partner. Telx announced that it has entered an independent marketing partnership agreement with Intelisys Communications Inc., a leading master agency distributor of business communications services.  “We see great value in the fact that Telx is carrier-neutral, allowing end users to be one cross-connect away from a secure, direct connection to any of the hundreds of carriers, ISPs and enterprises within the Telx ecosystem," said Jay Bradley, President of Intelisys' Telecom Agency division. As the agreement is channel neutral it will allow Telx sales executives to provide direct marketing and sales support to Intelisys Sales Partners.

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