What to Read at DCK: Week of Sept. 18th

Here’s a recap some of this week's top data center news: Facebook spending $50 million a year on data center leasing, Google using sea water to cool new data center, Japan's massive @Tokyo data center, amazing "Technicolor Data Center" in Indonesia.

For your weekend reading, here’s a recap some of the noteworthy stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this past week:

  • Facebook: $50 Million A Year on Data Centers - An analysis of Facebook’s spending with data center developers indicates that the company is now paying about $50 million a year to lease data center space, compared to about $20 million when we last analyzed its leases in May 2009.
  • Google Using Sea Water to Cool Finland Project - Google will use cool sea water in the cooling system for its new data center in Hamina, Finland, which is under construction and scheduled to go live early next year. The initiative continues Google’s focus on data center efficiency and sustainability.
  • The Amazing Technicolor Data Center - The new facility built by IDC Indonesia in Jakarta, which features brightly colored cabinets throughout. The data center is divided into four areas that each represent a season, with a different color scheme for each season.
  • Power Loft Bought by Corporate Office REIT - The Power Loft @ Innovation data center in Manassas, Virginia has been acquired by Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT) for $115 million, the companies announced today. The deal highlights the continued interest in the northern Virginia data center market, especially for the government sector.
  • 111 8th Avenue Carrier Hotel is For Sale - 111 8th Avenue, one of the most important telecom hubs in Manhattan, is up for sale. The enormous building houses major data center operations for Digital Realty Trust, Equinix, Telx and many other providers and networks, as well as 500,000 square feet of office space for Google.
  • Japan’s Massive @Tokyo Data Center - The @Tokyo facility is one of the world’s largest data centers, and also one of the roundest. The building houses more than 1.4 million square feet of space.
  • Scenes from the Tier 1 Summit - Check out our photo gallery of scenes from Tuesday’s first day of presentations and sessions at the Tier 1 Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit.
  • Microsoft to Hosters: Move Up The Value Chain - At the Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit on Tuesday, Microsoft’s Elliot Curtis emphasized that Microsoft doesn’t view itself as competing with its customers in the cloud computing realm – and, Curtis said, hosting providers shouldn’t either.
  • Homeland Security’s Private Cloud - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is implementing a private cloud infrastructure and consolidating its data centers from 24 to 2.

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