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Greenpeace vs. Facebook, Continued

Greenpeace issues the latest in its ongoing series of critques of Facebook's energy sourcing for its Oregon data center. This time it's a cartoon video.

Earlier this month we wrote about Greenpeace's most critique of Facebook about the site location and energy sourcing for its Oregon data center. I noted at the time that Greenpeace "knows how to take a complex issue – and data center energy sourcing certainly qualifies – and simplify it. But not always in a useful way." Greenpeace continues this trend with a new video released today in which it uses cartoons and a voiceover from a grade-school child to repeat its criticism that Facebook will receive its power from a local utility that uses coal to generate the majority of its power. "But Mark Zuckerberg can still change his mind," the narrator says. That seems increasingly unlikely, as the first phase of the data center in Prineville, Oregon is nearing completion and Facebook has already announced plans for a second phase. The video is embedded below. If you're weary of the back-and-forth between Greenpeace and Facebook,here's an option: you can check out our analysis of Facebook's data center leasing instead.

For additional video, check out our DCK video archive and the Data Center Videos channel on YouTube.

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