Data Center Monitoring Heats Up

Data center monitoring news: Modius partners with Nimsoft, RF Code announces rack-level solution, LogicMontior selceted by UCSB.

It's been a busy week for news from the data center monitoring sector. Here's our roundup:

Modius Partners With Nimsoft - Modius announced plans to integrate its OpenData Facilities Monitoring Solution with the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS), enabling customers to tightly align the supply of power and cooling to variable computing workloads. The companies said that by unifying power & cooling data from Modius with on-board server instrumentation data collected by Nimsoft, the combined solution will allow operators to see unified performance metrics for every rack and zone across the data center.

RF Code Announces Rack-Level Tracking Solution - RF Code, Inc. announced a new solution allowing data centers managers to track and manage assets down to the rack level, in both fully enclosed and open racks. The company says the new RF Code solution takes advantage of infrared’s (IR) ability to “localize” or pinpoint asset location in a specific rack. When coupled with RF Code’s active RFID technology to track assets in large, dense metal environments, this automated IR approach allows customers to track assets down to the server level.

LogicMonitor Selected by UCSB - LogicMonitor announced that the University of California at Santa Barbara has selected LogicMonitor for its Department of Instructional Computing. The department deployed the hosted monitoring solution to simplify and unify performance and availability monitoring for its mix of physical and virtualized IT infrastructure, including servers, applications, networking gear, and storage. UCSB’s Department of Instructional Computing is responsible for managing three main divisions: e-mail and communication services for 20,000-plus students, infrastructure for campus-wide computing labs, and portal-based course management services.