Data Center Industry Links for August 19th

Facebook's engineering team provides a HipHop update, MapReduce as a tool for the "ambient cloud," Firehost builds new data center, life in the data center.

Here's our review of noteworthy links for the data center industry for August 19th:

  • HipHop for PHP: six months later - From the Facebook Engineering Team: In February we released 693,613 lines of source code which on average reduced our CPU usage here at Facebook by about 50%. Since February, the team has made HipHop another 1.8 times faster and all of that code is open source.
  • A MapReduce Framework for Mobile - Start of the Ambient Cloud? - From High Scalability: "Misco: A MapReduce Framework for Mobile Systems is a very exciting paper to me. What they are trying to do is efficiently distribute work across a set cellphones using a now familiar MapReduce interface."
  • Firehost builds data center instead of paying for colo - Firehost is moving into an old Nortel Networks building in Dallas. CEo Chris Drake said Firehost decided to build its own data center, because Drake was sick of getting charged for "colo operators’ inefficiencies." From TechTarget.
  • Are Data Centers complying with Executive Order 13514? - From Sentilla: EO 13514 has specific language about data centers. Federal organizations must "implement best management practices for energy-efficient management of servers and Federal data centers." The goal is to bring the Federal government in line with commercial best practices.
  • An Insider’s Perspective from The Planet Data Centers - Life in the data center, from Jeff Reynolds at The Planet: "I thought you’d like to know a little more about me and the other technicians who are the eyes and hands at the console. Since we are providing frontline support, the better you understand our jobs, the better we can serve you."