Data Center Industry Links for August 11th

The cloud's legal lining, comparing performance benchmarks for cloud services, cloud computing podcasts.

Here's our review of noteworthy links for the data center industry for August 11th:

  • Shopping the Cloud: Performance Benchmarks - A number of groups have initiated efforts to measure and compare the performance of various cloud providers under a variety of circumstances (application use case, geographical location and more). Here are some of the more interesting performance benchmarks. From Geva Perry at Thinking Out Cloud.
  • The Cloud's Legal Lining - So far companies have barely scratched the surface of the opportunities that will come to handle computing workloads and host and develop applications more efficiently off-premises. With those benefits may come a number of legal and regulatory considerations. From
  • Recommended Listening: 10 Cloud Computing Podcasts - Looking for some cloud-related listening? An aural explanation of the hypervisor? Analysis of cloud news? Interviews with industry experts? There are actually a number of podcasts devoted to the subject of cloud computing. We've gathered a list for you. From ReadWriteCloud
  • Server buyers won't ding HP for Hurd's transgressions - Data center managers say that the resignation of HP CEO Mark Hurd will not impact their decision to purchase servers from Hewlett-Packard one way or the other. From SearchDataCenter.