Green DC Alliance Funding to Boost Best Practices

The Green Data Center Alliance has received a $500K grant that will underwrite the creation of guidelines and best practices to help data centers to significantly lower their energy consumption.

The Green Data Center Alliance (GDCA) received a grant that will underwrite the creation of guidelines for data centers to significantly lower their energy consumption. The $500,000 in funding from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will bring together both data center owners and power utilities.

The alliance will use the grant funding to create a system of best practices for data center operators, rate selected data centers against standard metrics, provide options for participating centers to improve efficiency and verify data on energy users.

Targeting Five Disciplines
"To achieve significant and long-lasting energy conservation, the GDCA believes it is necessary to view the data center from five disciplines: engineering & facilities, information technology, finance, governance, and process," said Derek Schwartz, Executive Director & Founder of the GDCA. "Our membership strongly believes that decisions in each category can have a tremendous impact on over energy consumption. The most effective strategy for increased data center productivity must encompass all areas."

"Controlling energy in data centers is essential for reducing operating costs and helping New York achieve the significant reductions in our energy use," said NYSERDA President and CEO Francis J. Murray Jr. "By providing data center operators with a roadmap to increase energy efficiency, the Alliance’s work will help New York achieve the ambitious energy reduction goals that will protect New York’s environment and strengthen our energy security for the future."

'Common Goal' of Conservation
"This funding will bring the data center owner and NYSERDA together with the common goal of energy conservation," said Daniel Skutelsky, Chief Framework Architect. "Today, the industry’s answer to efficiency is replacement of components. Our view is to take a holistic and systematic approach. By evaluating needs from multiple perspectives and identifying opportunities, starting with the ‘low hanging fruit’, we can help transform today’s best practices into cost-effective standard practices."

This program aligns with New York State’s goal of reducing statewide electricity consumption by 15 percent by year 2015 and with NYSERDA’s mission of advancing innovative energy solutions in ways that improve New York’s economy and environment.

“We share NYSERDA’s vision; to 'serve as a catalyst—advancing energy innovation and technology, empowering people to choose clean and efficient energy as part of their everyday lives,’" added Schwartz. "Both NYSERDA and the GDCA view this program as a win for the state of New York and the utilities and data center industries as a whole."

Visit the GDCA Web site to view instructions for the Call for Best Practices.

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