Data Center Industry Links for June 14

In the news: VMware rumored to be in talks to buy EngineYard, Intellifiber builds low latency network between Chicago & Washington, Cincinnati Bell closes Cyrus one deal.

Here's our review of noteworthy links for the data center industry for June 14th:

  • VMware in Talks to Acquire EngineYard - VMware is back on the hunt for new startups as it looks to further raise its profile in the platform-as-a-service market. Sources tell me its latest target is EngineYard, the Ruby on Rails cloud provider that’s raised $37 million from the likes of Amazon, Benchmark, DAG Ventures and Bay Partners. From GigaOm.
  • Cincinnati Bell closes acquisition of CyrusOne - US telecom and data center provider Cincinnati Bell has completed its acquisition of Texas colocation provider CyrusOne from the private equity investment firm Abry Partners for about $525m. From DataCenterDynamics.
  • Intellifiber Takes Low Latency Beyond NYC - Today Intellifiber formally announced the turn-up of a new low latency network between Chicago and Washington DC. The new connection, rated at 13.7ms, fits alongside their 17.2ms NYC/Chicago route and is apparently just the beginning. From Telecom Ramblings.
  • Gaming Chips Score in Data Centers - The same graphics processors that power today's games are finding new homes in data center servers. From seismic processing to financial modeling, today's calculation-intensive data center applications can enjoy dramatic speed-ups thanks to these graphics chips. From CIO.
  • Can speed be regulated? - The SEC needs "to explore whether bids and orders should be regulated on speed so there is less incentive to engage in this microsecond arms race that might undermine long-term investors and the market's capital-formation function," said Mary Schapiro said yesterday at a conference in Montreal. From FierceFinanceIT
  • Study finds biomass power not carbon neutral - Forested regions around the world are pursuing biomass as a renewable energy source but a study finds that the carbon footprint from burning biomass can be worse for global warming than coal. From CNet.
  • Supercomputer named for Pioneer Grace Hopper - NERSC’s new supercomputer will be named after computing pioneer Admiral Grace Hopper, developer of the first compiler and originator of the concept of machine-independent programming languages. From InsideHPC.
  • The VMotion Myth - Among the many innovations that virtualization has brought to the data center is server mobility, or the ability to live-migrate virtual machines (VMs) across physical servers. While at some point that will undoubtedly be true, it’s far from an operational reality today.