Interop Roundup: Internap, Joyent, Arista

News from Interop: Internap (INAP) releases a new web acceleration service, Joyent and Arista Networks announce partnership on network infrastructure management, products from Extreme Networks (EXTR), Infinera (INFN) and LSI Corp. (LSI).

Here’s a roundup of some of the headlines coming from Interop this week:

Internap unveils new XIP Web Acceleration Service. Internap (INAP) announced Accelerated IP ("XIP"), a new service-based internet traffic accelerator that can dramatically improve the performance of enterprise web services and applications by up to 400 percent. XIP compensates some of the inherent design issues with TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) to improve recovery time after packet loss is detected and enables it to transmit more data at a continuously faster rate. This allows for faster load times in applications and overall accelerated performance throughput in the entire session.  “The new XIP service ensures enterprises and SaaS providers of high-performance websites and applications through a services model that eliminates the need for expensive hardware and cumbersome end user software,” said Scott Hrastar, senior vice president – IP Service at Internap.  Starting in the second quarter of 2010 Internap's new XIP service will be available in select markets.

Joyent and Arista Networks announce partnership. Cloud computing provider Joyent and Arista Networks announced at Interop that they have joined forces to enable the automated management of network infrastructure using Joyent cloud computing infrastructure.  The companies will collaborate to enable Joyent's multi-tenant public cloud solution to provide highly customized security configurations with improved network segmentation, including VLANs and dynamic address reconfiguration.  “Together, Joyent and Arista will enable our mutual customers to quickly configure a network built on cloud infrastructure to suit their business needs across the full range of private, public, and hybrid cloud models," said Jason Hoffman, CTO of Joyent.  Arista recently unveiled a new switching platfom, highlighting the 7500 series switch with 384 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Extreme Networks, Infinera and others showcase products.  Light Reading wraps up a number of product announcements and news made at Interop, covering low latency, management systems and smarter chips.  Extreme Networks (EXTR) was showing off its Summit stackable Ethernet switches with four 40 Gbit/s ports, selling at about $4,000.  Infinera (INFN) put 100G on pause, touted low latency and introduced new dispersion compensation technology.  Cyan Optics was showing a heat map that color-codes the most congested parts of the network.  Chipmaker LSI Corp. (LSI) introduced the T2500, the latest in the Tarari Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) chip line.  Arista Networks demonstrated the 7500 modular Ethernet switch fully loaded with 384 10 Gbit/s ports with 7.68 Terabits of capacity.

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