DCW News: Rackwise, Sentilla

The news announcements at Data Center World continue, including new product announcements from Rackwise and Sentilla.

The new product announcements continue at this week's AFCOM Data Center World conference and expo in Nashville. Here’s a roundup:

Rackwise announced the availability of Rackwise Data Center Manager (DCM) Version 3.5, an update to its flagship data center management software. "The new product allows users to customize Rackwise to their needs, integrate with best of breed solutions already in their data center or network operations, and skip the rigid process required by other software and services packages," said Bill Nelson, Director of Product Management at Rackwise. Nelson said Rackwise v3.5 can be deployed anywhere in the world remotely, and enhances Rackwise DCM with the addition of many new features. For more, see the Rackwise web site.

Sentilla Corporation introduced Version 3.0 of its Sentilla Energy Manager, which uses a wireless sensor network to provide a detailed analysis of a data center’s power use. Sentilla’s technology embeds tiny microprocessors in power strips that can measure energy consumption at the server level and then transmit data back to a central management server. Version 3.0 enables IT and facilities managers to measure and report energy use of all assets in real-time, and features an "Inference Engine" that Sentilla says can accurately monitor power consumption of unmetered assets. The updated Energy Manager also incorporates more comprehensive reporting functionality that provides expanded cost control and chargeback options.

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