Rackspace's Lew Moorman on 'Cloud Fatigue'

How can cloud computing survive the current hype cycle? Perhaps by addressing it directly, as Lew Moorman of Rackspace does in this video. "I think everyone is tired of the cloud," he says. "But it is absolutely the new reality."

Can cloud computing survive the hype? As the buzz surrounding cloud computing gets ever louder, how can customers locate the signal amidst the noise?  In this presentation, Lew Moorman of Rackspace begins by addressing the hype. "I think everyone is tired of the cloud," says Moorman, President, Cloud and Chief Strategy Officer at Rackspace. "I think there's some cloud fatigue going on. Some people are attaching cloud to their brand and services where it doesn't belong. But I think it is absolutely the new reality, and here's why: It's cheaper, better and more reliable." This video runs about 9 minutes.

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