'100% Data Loss' for Coding Horror Site

The popular programmer blog Coding Horror has experienced a "100 percent data loss" and is seeking to restore its content from search engine caches.

The popular programmer blog Coding Horror has experienced a "100 percent data loss" and is seeking to restore its content from search engine caches. Site maintainer Jeff Atwood is blaming CrystalTech, saying the hosting provider was not properly handling the backup process for his virtual machines. But Atwood also acknowledges that he "absolutely should have done complete offsite backups ... all my backups were unfortunately on the server itself, so save the lecture, you're 100% absolutely right, but that doesn't help me at the moment."

Atwood believes he will be able to recover the text of his blog posts from web search caches, but says the same technique will not work for images, and is seeking help in finding a way to recover archived images from his site. The data loss also affected the blog for the Stack Overflow forum operated by Atwood and Joel Spolsky.

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