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Microsoft's Chrapaty Heads to Cisco

Debra Chrapaty, who ran Microsoft's Global Foundation Services, is leaving Microsoft and heading to Cisco Systems (CSCO).

Debra ChrapatyThe job shuffling among top data center executives continued this week with news that Microsoft's Debra Chrapaty is heading to Cisco Systems (CSCO). Chrapaty was the corporate VP of Global Foundation Services, the Microsoft business unit responsible for building and operating the company's data centers and Edge Content Network. Kara Swisher at Boomtown reports that Chrapaty will run the software collaboration group at Cisco. That group's previous head, Doug Dennerline, recently jumped to

Where else could Chrapaty's experience come in handy? Cisco is building a $184 million data center in Allen, Texas and is also rumored to be working on a content delivery network.

Here's a quick recap of this year's musical chairs involving leading data center executives:

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