Roundup: Equinix Thailand, Clearview, IBM

A roundup of data center industry news from Equinix (EQIX), Clearview Managed Services, IBM and Fujitsu.

Here’s a roundup of some of some of this week’s headlines from the data center and hosting industry:

  • Equinix sees potential in Thailand. The Bangkok Post has an article on the potential of Thailand becoming the next new market for an Equinix data center. Equinix CTO Lane Patterson is said to see Thailand "following the evolution of Japan and Korea with a local internet for local language content while another track sees faster and better international links for companies to do business and drive the economy."  With only a 2% broadband penetration in Thailand, a carrier-neutral data center has the potential to kick-start the Internet ecosystem in the area and drive down prices for everyone.  The article continues to describe the Internet ecosystem of companies and players that make up Equinix customers and enable their facilities to be such a success.  Equinix recently hosted its annual Asia Peering Forum in Bangkok.
  • Clearview completes Waco, Texas data center. Clearview Managed Services announced Wednesday the completion of a unique, multi-purpose data center in Waco, Texas. The new Information Technology Gateway (ITG) will be a 43,000 square foot facility focusing on disaster recovery and business continuity services. The facility features diverse fiber paths to a carrier hotel in Dallas with access to more than 200 carriers. Real estate development company Paul Kite Co. partnered with Clearview as developers of the facility and said that this development was part of a nation-wide data center development initiative for them. The data center is a repurposed nuclear fall-out shelter, providing a great deal of physcial security. Check out the July Data Center Knowledge post on the data bunker boomlet for this growing niche.

  • CNet News profiles IBM deep green data center. Cnet has a photo gallery of the IBM data center in Southbury, Conneticut, where IBM tests energy-efficient techniques with millions of dollars' worth of IBM hardware.  IBM's cool blue portfolio is displayed as well as sensor networks, rear-door heat exchangers, prototype equipment and an Emerson power distribution unit.
  • Fujitsu's Total CO2 and Value Analysis solution. At the European Technology Forum in London Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe announced the launch of its latest Green Data Centre development.  The Total CO2 and Value Analysis solution was a research and development project with the Carbon Trust, a UK company setup by the UK Government to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy.  The Fujitsu solution provides a holistic analysis of energy usage within a data centre environment to be captured, quantitatively analyzed and profiled.  Hugh Jones, Director at the Carbon Trust said "Controlling energy use and its attendant costs is increasingly a corporate priority, especially now that governments around the world are legislating to reduce carbon emissions."  The Fujitsu solution will be available for a range of data center applications from planning, reporting and optimization, up to a complete CO2 management service.  It is scheduled to be deployed in trials at Fujitsu data centres during 2010.
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